The respect for environment
and for humans is part of our project
and we manage
our entire production cycle in this sense,
respecting scrupulously
our personal beliefs
in addition to the provisions of the laws.


Managing our production in a conscious manner is one of the cornerstones on which we base our business. From the begging, we have adopted rules including:

  • Selection of woods from the forest, operated in according to the strict enviromental standards from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).
  • The creation of a network of regional suppliers that share our vision to reduce co² emissions due to long journeys.
  • Testing our equipments with periodical controls, to reduce harmful emissions and to allow our employees to work safely in healthy and clean enviroments.
  • Prefering finishes, natural treatments, manual processing and sustainable rate of work that glorify man labor and to reduce waste of energy.