Alta Corte Classic

Alta Corte Classic

Italian Wooden Furniture Design


Italian wooden furniture design is what makes Altacorte a point of reference in its field: our company bases its production on flexibility and quality in order to give life to items that represent and reproduce the best Italian style. All the wood species that are utilized are selected with attention, so that every piece of furniture can show an important personality. The uniqueness of each piece is special: and this is true for our chairs, for our tablet tops, for our modular units, and so on.

People who want to experiment the real excellence of Italian wooden furniture design can choose Altacorte being sure to find what they are looking for: products that are able to distinguish themselves for their features, for their longevity and for the creativity they show. Exclusive processing is fundamental, but the selection of the materials is important, too: our customers love our brand because they know they can find in our company what they cannot have otherwise. Solidity and history are the values that describe and define our products: we want to combine technology and craftsmanship, and we are sure we are succeeding in it.

Italian Wood Furniture


Altacorte is a company specialized in the production of chairs, armchairs, beds, tables and many other products: Italian wood furniture offers the highest standards of quality thanks to the research of new solutions and shapes that distinguishes our way of working. Our manufacturing is oriented to give life to exclusive spaces: this is why the wide range of items we produce is appreciated for its attention to details and its personality.

Innovation and technologies are combined with tradition in order to create Italian wood furniture, that is based on a unique material. Wood has a noble soul that comes from its authenticity: its presence in kitchens, in bedrooms, in living rooms or in other spaces of the house ensures the best elegance and the best comfort that can be desired. The perfection of wood is represented by its imperfection: it is never equal to itself, and it is its unrepeatability what makes it so lovable and required. Passion and research are filled together, in Altacorte, with the aim of projecting and realizing pieces of furniture that are intended to last long and to show the excellence of Made in Italy.