Modern Italian Wood Furniture


Modern Italian wood furniture by Altacorte is the result of a process of production which combines a careful selection of materials with technological and innovative processes. From the first ideas to the final assembly, every step of production is followed by skilled experts who know what customers look for: even the smallest details are controlled in order to guarantee the highest levels of perfection. This is possible thanks to a strict process of quality control: that is why our items are able to meet clients’ desires and exigencies.

Wooden Italian Design


Altacorte shows how modern Italian wood furniture is able to improve people’s lives: the most advanced technology is valorized by Italian creativity, so that every product is elegant and practical. People who choose Altacorte have the total guarantee of buying exclusive solutions that are based on wood, the noblest and most natural material that can be used for interior design, and that have been realized with mastership, with passion, with criteria and with love: a special mix which is destined to be appreciated along the years. Every product is meticulously checked, so that is possible to find defects or undesirable characteristics, and then put at customers’ disposal.